Hell Hole

Added some more aliens today and also some more lighting effects.

Going to look at adding items you need to collect in order to get to the bottom of the hole.  Also going to add innocent creatures in the which you have to rescue - although you could shoot them if you felt like it...

Game uses Unity Engine for the lighting/rendering.  The hole map is generated with my own C# scripts procedurally, same for the aliens in the map.

Please support by words of encouragement :-) or feedback.

Small development video:

Hell hole

Spinning spikey things with light effect.
Hell hole
Part of map - showed in scene view in unity
Hell hole
Further down the hole...
Hell hole
Showing small part of map as quads - this is how the map is generated.


Hell Hole.zip Play in browser
Jan 22, 2018


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Added gun turrets today, these can be customised so they shoot standard bullets or homing missiles, all adds to the fun of the game.